Charlesgate Pétanque

A site for players of the French game pétanque in the Boston area.


The equipment needed for a game of pétanque includes two sets of boules (3 per set), a cochonnet, and a circle (alternatively you can draw circles on the ground with a toe, finger, or stick). Boule sets are differentiated by the color of the metal (often only subtle differences can be seen) as well as the pattern of grooves on the boule, ranging from completely smooth (like the set of boules on the right in the photo above) to heavily etched with rings or other patterns (like the set on the left).

Relatively inexpensive pétanque sets can be purchased on Unfortunately these usually come in awkward set sizes, such as 8 boules with only 2 of each pattern. Better options are available at online stores such as PetanqueShop and Petanque America.